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Short term rental climate in brighton

Short Term Rental Climate in Brighton

By Jack Naylor
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3rd January 2024

Airbnb / Holiday Rentals in Brighton 2024

Entering 2024, Brighton's rental market is thriving, offering landlords a unique opportunity to tap into a growing demand for long-term housing. As of early January, the city is experiencing a noticeable shift away from the saturated Airbnb market as investors are seeing a huge influx in competition to their holiday rental.

The Rise of Long-Term Rentals

Around the world, various countries have been cracking down on holiday rentals in major cities. Restrictions have been put in place to limit the number of days properties can be rented, allowing no new holiday rentals to come to market and even complete bans on holiday rentals. There are currently no restrictions like this in Brighton but discussions were being had to implement a 90 day limit for holiday rentals in the city within the leveling up and regeneration bill and landlords would need to apply for planning permission to go beyond this. 

With tenants seeking stability and security, the preference for traditional long-term rentals is on the rise. Landlords now have a chance to transition away from the oversaturated short-term rental model and cater to the increasing demand for stable housing options. There are plenty of benefits to longer term rentals including but not exclusive to; providing a home to long term renters to who will cover all their utility bills, little to no void periods compared to holiday rentals and lower wear and tear on the property internally.

Ethos Lettings: Your Trusted Agent

Ethos Lettings specialises in managing long term residential investments and is committed to assisting landlords in navigating the rental landscape and providing a service that makes investing stress free. Our experienced team provides tailored solutions, from effective property marketing to full property management, ensuring a seamless and profitable renting experience for property owners and with much less involvement than a traditional holiday rental.

In this booming market, landlords are advised to focus on property maintenance, stay informed about market trends, and offer attractive amenities. Ethos Lettings can assist in optimizing rental pricing to strike a balance that attracts tenants while maximizing returns. We can also look to offer fully furnished properties that have previously been holiday rentals at an increased price to tenants for shorter tenancies around 6 months with the ease of them not having to supply their own furniture.  

As Brighton's rental market beings to flourish in 2024, the shift towards long-term rentals presents an excellent opportunity for landlords to make the change and we would love to speak to you about this. 

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